About Us

Heritage Radiology is an international provider of radiology equipment and services. Whether you are in Lubbock, Texas or Lithuania, we can get you the equipment and services you need. We have provided systems to IRAQ, Lithuania, Belgium, Holland, Guatemala and Mexico City, to name a few.

Heritage Radiology purchases “newer used” radiology equipment from hospitals, clinics, banks, leasing companies, equipment brokers and overseas dealers to address the requirements of our clients. We also service what we sell and can provide you with de-installation, installation, system moves and warranty service on your existing equipment, as well as equipment you purchase from Heritage Radiology.

Heritage Radiology is staffed by OEM trained professionals and seasoned industry specialists. We care about honesty and providing the best service and equipment in the industry. Give us a call and get to know us before you make any commitments.

Heritage Radiology LLC, the honest radiology company.